Website Design for A Café/Restaurant

Online Food Ordering Website

Revamping Cafe A Mano's website involved creating a user-friendly platform for online food ordering, integrating CloverPOS for seamless payments, and optimizing their Google presence

Client’s Requirements

We revamped Cafe A Mano’s website when they reached out to me last October. Using WordPress and WooCommerce, I created a simple and user-friendly site that matched their style. The main goal was to make online food ordering for pickup easy for customers.

We didn’t stop at just designing pages. I ensured a smooth ordering process by integrating CloverPOS for payments. The website’s speed got a boost, and I optimized its Google presence. I even gave their logo a little upgrade. The impact was substantial. Since the grand opening, the website experienced a remarkable 300% increase in clicks.


The new online ordering system, connected to CloverPOS, streamlined transactions. Custom checkout and cart pages added a nice touch. Now, the website runs faster, and Cafe A Mano is easily found on Google. This overall package of a revamped website, improved payment system, and branding adjustments has not only increased visibility but also significantly grown Cafe A Mano’s business.