Webflow Website for an Entrepreneur

Pixel Perfect Life-Coach Website

Eilene Kloep's Webflow-designed website mirrors her Canva style, seamlessly integrating with ActiveCampaign and Passion accounts via Zapier. With its feminine design and targeted appeal, the site resonates with Eilene's audience, driving engagement and course sales.

Client’s Requirements

This is Eilene Kloep’s official website. She’s a businessperson who’s really good at design. Eilene wanted a website that looked just like the designs she makes on Canva. So, We created it for her using Webflow, the platform she likes. We went with Webflow instead of WordPress to make sure her creative vision fit in smoothly.

Eilene also wanted to connect different forms and features with campaign services like ActiveCampaign and Webflow. To sell her courses, she used a Passion account, and we linked it to the website through Zapier to make everything work together.


The website reflects Eilene’s style, with soft colors, elegance, and feminine design. This wasn’t random; it matches her goal of promoting courses to a female audience. Eilene really liked the website, and We’re still taking care of it, adding more stuff to make it better.