Website Design for Consultancy Group

Website for a Consultancy Company with Portfolio

Essentia Group, led by Michael Kloep, partnered with LOOP16 for a cutting-edge website design. With a focus on visual appeal and user experience, the new site effectively showcases Essentia's portfolio and services. Powered by WordPress, it ensures easy updates, empowering Essentia Group in the digital sphere.

Client’s Requirements

Essentia Group, led by founder Michael Kloep, sought a modern website design to showcase their portfolio and services. The client emphasized the need for a visually appealing platform that accurately represents their brand identity and effectively communicates their offerings to potential customers.


LOOP16 delivered a sleek and professional website design for Essentia Group, highlighting their portfolio and services in an engaging manner. By utilizing WordPress as the content management system, the website offers flexibility and ease of updates for the client. The new website not only meets the client’s requirements but also enhances their online presence, effectively attracting and engaging visitors.